bowery capital Investment thesis

VC investment thesis: Bowery Capital

This is the Bowery Capital investment thesis.

Bowery Capital is an early-stage venture capital investor focused exclusively on founders looking to modernize business through technology. As more and more internet natives drive purchasing decisions, Bowery Capital believes that roughly $468B will change hands over the next 10 years as old products are replaced with new.

In addition, the firm believes that the key ingredient to early success is revenue and customer growth, and as such provides various products and services through their Acceleration Team that portfolio companies can leverage to develop a strong early base.

This combination of a focused thesis and support system are the cornerstones of Bowery Capital’s investment approach.

This the shortest one I have found to date, but it goes to show it doesn’t have to be an essay (like most investment thesis’).

Bowery Capital investment thesis

We believe the shift to next generation software is a massive opportunity at roughly 400 billion dollars driven primarily by the rise of the internet native. Since our founding in 2013, we continue to believe we are in the early days of this shift. At Bowery Capital, our thesis is to capitalize on this shift to the next generation of spend by identifying and investing in the absolute best software businesses leading this charge.

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  1. To Bowery Capital. Mr. Michael Brown.


    I wish to forward business information on a strart-up opportunity.
    If you are interested, we could then arrange a virtual get together.
    The amount of seed capital is low and the growth opportunity enormous.
    To make it happen will require the participation of a Joint Venture partner who knows the field intimately.


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