Venture Capital Investment Memo Collection

Venture Capital Investment Memo Collection

Tl;dr; Collection of VC investment memos to invest in tech startups that have been made public by the GPs of the firms. Some are full and others are commentary as that’s the best that I can find. 

If you are a startup and venture capital nerd, you have a list of cool things you’d love to know about. The problem is that particularly on the VC side very little is shared. Whether it is startups sharing pitch decks, or VCs sharing investment memos or their thesis, everyone deep down is shy. They’re worried about being judged. Frankly, it’s easier to look smart by writing a few lines in a Tweetstorm than sharing your analysis.

There’s more of course. Larger firms are just that. No one can just share something, they need to get approval from the committee and there are more than a few Dilbert comic opportunities there. So taken by the general fear of sharing, it takes someone special to push through to share their ‘soul’.

I’ve been able to find 32 investment memos in total to date. I use that term broadly as a few of them are just commentary on excerpts of their investment memo. Given the dearth of investment memos, I’ve tried to share as much as possible.

Reading on investment memos

Here are all the blogs pertaining to investment memos I can find, including the occasional template.

If you can something to add, shout out in the comments and I’ll add it.

VC investment thesis’

Venture capital investors typically (hopefully) have an investment thesis. It’s what they agree with their limited partners (LPs) as to what they are going to invest in.

You’d think that investors will share these, but well, they don’t. I’ve collected all the ones I can find here: Investment Thesis Collection from Venture Capital Firms

Venture Capital Investment Memo Collection

You can click through to the 32 investment memos here:

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