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Venture Capital Pitch Deck What VCs raised with to get capital to invest in startups

For every 1,000 startups there is 1 venture capitalist. We don’t see startup pitch decks often, so unsurprisingly, there are even fewer venture capital pitch decks around public. Yes, VCs have to raise money too from LPs (limited partners)!pitch deck

It takes up to 2 years to raise a venture capital fund, so if you thought startup raising was hard, think again.

There are very few venture capital pitch decks around, but I know you’re interested in seeing what they look like out of morbid interest, or perhaps you are raising yourself?

This is a collection of all the decks that are publicly available, or a VC hasn’t confided in me to date (As usual, I’ll never share anything confided in confidence). There are a mix of VC, accelerators and fund of funds. It doesn’t make sense to split them into multiple blogs given the paucity of them.

It’s not as comprehensive as the startup pitch deck collection (which has taken 3 years to date to get to 90), but it’s a start.

If you have a VC deck to share, please ping me. If you’re reading this you know you could help others if you shared too.

Here is an interesting podcast on raising a fund.

ClearBanc $300 million in Series B

This isn’t strictly a VC deck, though it sort of is. Rose by any other name and such.

I have added commentary on the ClearBanc pitch deck there.

ClearBanc Pitch Deck

On Deck Series-A and Accelerator

On Deck raised two funds (rounds?). They didn’t make pitch decks, they wrote investment memos instead. There are links to the memos on many blog instead. Click the images and you’ll get there.


on deck series a pitch deck


On Deck odx accelerator

Seedcamp Fund IV

Decent deck. They proactively share their learnings. Some funny things if you know why include ‘founders fight for our pro-rata.’

Seeccamp fund iv

Seedcamp Fund V

Blog on the Fund V



Hackers and founders have raised 5 funds to date for their accelerator. Here is fund 1 and 5.

Co-op Mexico – Venture capital fund 1 (2017)

MX Venture capital fund 1

Co-op Mexico – Venture capital fund 1 (2016)

MX Fund 01 - HackersFounders Co-op Mexico Pitch Deck 2016

Co-op Mexico – Venture capital fund 5

HackersFounders Co-op Mexico 5

Hack/Fund V – Publicly traded

hackfund-v-pitch-deck publicly traded

Surge Ventures

Surge focus on energy investments out of Texas. This is the best deck available to date in my opinion, well, it’s the most detailed.

There is a fab blog about their raise here:

SURGE Ventures Series Seed A Fund Pitch Deck

Notation capital

Fund 1

Notation are pioneering pre-seed venture capital funding in New York. You can read about their investment thesis here.

Notation Capital Fund 1

Fund 2

Notation closed their $27m fund 2 in February 2018 and they’ve shared their deck again. You can read about their experience here.

Notation Capital Fund 2

Slingshot Venture Fund

This fund was setup to invest in graduates of the Slingshot accelerator in Australia. It’s a pretty detailed deck but I think their investment thesis is flawed.

Slingshot Venture Fund

OATV O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures Fund 3 pitch deck

This is a heavily redacted Fund 3 pitch deck O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures used to raise their fund from limited partners. It was targeted at $75m.

OATV Fund III Pitch Deck

Artesian Australian Venture Capital Fund

This is the deck Artesian used to raise their $100m venture capital fund of fund focused on Australia.

Artesian Australian Venture Capital Fund

Day One Ventures

Day One Ventures VC Pitch Deck

Work Life

Brianne Kimmel shares some comments on her deck in My pitch to Marc Andreessen, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan and investors in Work Life.

Work life vc fund

Alpha Bridge Ventures

Chris Douvos, the Super LP, did a a slide by slide commentary so that you get the LP’s take on the deck. You can check out the commentary here.

Alpha Bridge Founders Pitch Deck

Alternative Protein Fund

I believe they are still raising (second close). You can see their funding page here.

AgFunder Alternative Protein White Paper


AgFunder – New Carnivore Presentation


AgFunder Grow Impact Fund

Need help with your deck?

I help emerging managers with their deck (I don’t promote this, people just reach out and ask). I’ve done 2x quant funds, 2x property funds and a handful of emerging manager (VC) decks.
It’s not about doing basic design stuff. I do the hard stuff like giving you a hard time on your investment thesis, figuring out your differentiation, portfolio planning strategy, pitch etc.
Reach out to me at I mainly do startup decks so I can help your portcos too.

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