YCombinator startup school

YCombinator startup school

Learn about setting up a startup from Y-Combinator. There are a series of videos to educate first-time founders about how to get their company up and running.

Lecture 1 – How to start a startup

Lecture 2 – Team and execution

Lecture 3 – Before the startup

Lecture 4 – Building product, talking to users and growing

Lecture 5 – Competition is for losers

Lecture 6 – Growth

Lecture 7 – How to build products users love

Lecture 8 – How to get started, doing things that don’t scale

Lecture 9 – How to raise money

Lecture 10 – Culture

Lecture 11 – Hiring and culture

Lecture 12 – Building for the enterprise

Lecture 13 – How to be a great founder

Lecture 14 – How to operate

Lecture 15 – How to manage

Lecture 16 – How to run a user interview

Lecture 17 – How to design hardware products

Lecture 18 – Legal and accounting basics for startups

Lecture 19 – Sales and marketing; How to talk to investors

Lecture 20 – Later stage advice


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