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AA 024: How do you manage social media?

Welcome to the 24th podcast of the Ask Alex show! Today the question is “How do you manage social media?

In this podcast, we deal with managing social media by posting engaging content:

  • Tools you need to use
  • Sources of content to share
  • The importance of posting consistently
  • How to build engagementpitch deck
  • Hire a virtual assistant
  • Build your email list from day one

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  • I post a lot of content. Someone reaches out every day to say the only thing they read in their feed. Not say I am the best, but I’m doing something right, and have a lot to learn still
  • Need a following
    • Add people on Facebook, know you don’t want to give you your FB but this is the best thing I did. Over the years people think they know me. I actually care about people, so this isn’t sneaky, it’s an ambient way to build relationships at scale
    • There are multiple strategies on Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc.
    • Posting stupid pitch deck templates which are not usable is something I have seen work well
    • Put in some work every day and it adds up over the years
  • Tools
    • You need tools to manage social media
    • General
      • Buffer
      • Don’t like hootsuite
      • Edgar too expensive
    • Pinterest
      • Tailwind
    • Pretty images
      • Canva
    • can help drive traffic to your blog
    • Other
      • Use hash tags
        • Check out Ritetag
        • me
      • Write engaging titles
      • I find better engagement when you add thoughts beyond an article. This means more work though
    • Sources of content
      • Newsletter
        • Mattermark is great
        • Find others for sources of content
      • FB
        • Friend the right people
        • Dude at 500startup posts great content. Hussein at Hoxton posts funny shit all the time
      • Twitter
        • Recommended feed
        • Only get value if you engage
      • Buzzsumo
        • Friend who is a growth hacker will do a podcast in future on how to automate this
      • Sites
        • Growthhackers, see your niche sites. Can use RSS in buffer
      • Post consistently
        • Biggest piece of advice boggers say is to post consistently. This is key to manage social media
        • Set up schedule in buffer
        • Where are your followers? Figure out timing
        • 4x a day is reasonable
      • Engagement
        • As Gary V has taught, you need to engage with everyone that sends a message or tweet
        • If you don’t respond then people lose interest
        • Engaged people share and are more likely to see you in their daily feed
        • Like, better is to comment
      • Switch up content till you figure out what people engage with
        • I personally do nerdy stuff and slightly offensive, funny content
        • I tested things over the years
        • Figure out what your brand and personality is. What works for me may be incongruent to you. I want to attract people like me, because life is short
      • Hire a VA
        • This is the ninja class on how to manage social media
        • You can get people from between 3-10 an hour on Pinterest
        • Teach them what to do and they can automate this for you
        • Portadi to manage password access
        • I have someone for everything. I have a girl that just does Pinterest for me. I don’t have any great learnings yet but will share
      • Email
        • You want to build your list
        • Simple is to use if you want to do a content newsletter. Jon Russel at techcrunch uses this. I stopped
        • You want to use Convertkit. My affiliate link is Convertkit

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