Barcoo pitch deck

barcoo pitch deck to raise seed capital investment

This is the barcoo pitch deck used to raise undisclosed seed capital investment from investors, including Christophe Maire (Implying this may have been one of his early venture builds) in 2008.

The deck says they were looking to raise €230k so it is safe to say they raised a ballpark few hundred K.

There is not much info on the company (it’s been a long time!).

About barcoo

“Your mobile becomes a barcode scanner. Price comparison, test reports, health, green and sustainability information.”

They convinced more than 11 Million Germans to scan barcodes with their mobile phones (before the advent of smartphones). barcoo became the biggest pure mobile brand in Germany with 0€ marketing spend.

The pitch deck is pretty good quality with a lot of detailed information. It’s obvious that the founder is a former consultant (BCG)!

I quite like their marketing slide. It’s a lot more specific than most pitch deck marketing slides which provide confidence that there is a plan.


The nutritional traffic light mobile – consumers want it! Barcoo has it.

Pitch deck review summary


Structured summary review



Slide length





Don’t use 6:9 slide format. Use widescreen.







barcoo Pitch deck

Needs a tagline.

Don’t write business plan of the date. You also don’t need the contact details here.

Great start with the header.

There is far too much text on the slide though. Perhaps they are trying to cover too many points on the slide?

I like summary slides sometimes. This is better than some. Hm, the content is solid, but there’s a little too much. Feels a little overwhelming. Do they need to write they have an experienced board? No. Get brutal with text.

You need to kick off the deck explaining the industry to set the context. They are skilling some steps. This should be in the second half of the deck with traction.

Don’t do agenda slides… why is this needed? There are only three points.

The founders are probably ex-consultants looking at how they structure the slides.

I mean they could structure this slide a lot better. By going too vertical they are cramming in lines when they could move that arrow horizontally.

I like the sources, but they should be on one line. Almost no one will click on them, so being on one line makes things cleaner. Sources just communicate you are pros.

This probably should have been the first core slide. And i would have something about how many barcodes are used to set the scene so I can care about barcodes in the first place, because I can aassure, you I do not.

The header is a little confusing. Feels like they forgot I don’t know what they do. It’s all abit too wordy. The arrow is not aligned correctly.

Seriously, agenda interstitial time. Why?

Slide is good, but I would have a subheader and that boxed text would be cut down and be put in there.

They’re raising an angel round. They should have one segment to focus on and 4 to expand to. Slide is solid though.

You can’t bank on going viral. This is like assuming the models on Tinder who connect with me didn’t swipe right by accident.

TMI. They need to kill a few rows and some of the competition.  The slide looks like it should be an internal document. At this stage you just need to explain who is in the space and what their focus is.

Investors aren’t obsessed with break-even. They should be focused on product-market fit at this early stage.

If you are an inexperienced founder and angels aren’t giving you the “we trust you vibe” then you might get asked for details on spend. This is a solid slide. It doesn’t tell me enough though. I get the vibe the founders are smart though. Waterfall charts aren’t super simple to make.

This is a solid slide for their expansion plans.

Not again.

Don’t bold the text so much.

The team slide is interesting as they’re not being all like “here is the uni we went to” which no one cares about.

They illustrate they are smart:

  • 1st place
  • Space agency
  • And there is the consultant who probably did the deck

Don’t put an appendix in your first deck. Save it for when investors are interested.

Why isn’t this in the deck around the competition slide? It’s what’s good about them?

And this would explain the problem well??

Eh, delete.

Questionable value. And patents don’t matter. They only illustrate they have some tech. A line could have been added in the traction section.

Don’t do this. Bad boy. It’s impossible to read. Just have around 7 lines.

There are way too many financial-related slides. If investors want to talk about your financial model, they will ask. Maybe around meeting three depending how conversations go and how much you are raising.

TMI for now.

Save for later.

There should always be some kind of ending slide. Summarise the opportunity.


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