Bidzuku pitch deck

Bidzuku Pitch Deck to raise seed investment

This is the Bidzuku pitch deck to raise seed funding from investors in 2012. They were founded in 2010.

About Bidzuku

Bidzuku is a free resource that helps car buyers avert the painful process of buying their next car. Buyers create an anonymous application detailing everything they want from vehicle type and color, to monthly payment, and local dealerships will then compete for their business by making offers in the form of bids. You set the terms and they compete for your business.

Bidzuku pitch deck

You don’t need to write the founder names on the cover.

Cool, this slide is what I call a one liner. It explains what you do.

They get right to the flarking point to explain what they do. Love it. I might explain just a tad better, but this is good.

WTF is going on with the VLC like logo on the bottom left?

Crappy looking slide but… they are getting to the point. I love founders getting to the flarking point!

Their business is simple, so you can get to the point. Sure, the slides can be structured far better, but they do get to the point.

They are atrocious at structuring up slides but I do like the fact that they get to the point.

What they have done is map out what they want to say, they just haven’t proven nor illustrated it well.

This is a demo, interstitial slide. You see these a lot less these days. I guess founders have learned better.

Just explain the product in 4 steps. I have a template that I use that does this well.

What exactly looks good on this slide?

The image on the slide is not informative. The slide is lame. The title is good though.

It’s pretty clear this is a pre-launch startup. Duh, it says test everywhere. Could they not have done a visualisation?

Headers are spot on, but the body of content is rubbish.

Looks like there are two market(ish) sizing slides here. Do they need two?

There’s something okish positive going on, but it’s all a bit infantile. You aren’t building confidence you as founders really know what they are doing and understand the opportunity.

WTF is this. $$$$ is great, $ is bad. It screams we have no idea how to quantify anything.

I couldn’t be bothered to mention this before, but writing the title of the slide in the footer is really bizarre and I’ve never seen this before.

Wtf is this slide? What is “well connected”? Unmatched compared to whom?

I don’t believe any early stage startup has “magic”. How you do math is not magic.

Carwoo can’t do old cars? They are incapable of it? Is there a reason they use call centers?

Also doing new cars is a weekend-long advantage.

They know what to talk about but the content is a huge whatever.

Slide is fine but the team are very eh. Why the flark do I are that the, well I’m guessing CTRRO, has a background in customer care?

So what?


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