Cabify pitch deck

Cabify pitch deck to raise $3m seed

This is the Cabify pitch deck to raise their $3m seed round in 2012. Cabify is a ride-sharing company that operates in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. They have raised $477m to date. 


At Cabify, they make sure their customers – passengers and drivers – enjoy the ride. Charging a fair price, improving your door-to-door journey, making transport accessible to all are just some of the things they think are important. Why? Because they believe that by making transport better, they can make their cities and communities better.

Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Madrid, Madrid, Spain.

Funding rounds

cabify fundraise

Pitch deck review summary

The founders are not dumb. It is easy for me to tell.

They suck at making a presentation.

Structured summary review


Most of the slides have too much text.

Slide length

It’s bizzare. It seems to be 5 slides and an appendix?


They are rubbish.


This is just short of acceptable design. Do a bit better.


The headers are terrible so you can’t have a narrative.


The slides are a bit all over the place. Be boring and consistent.


They are missing a lot of the important slides for me as an investor to care about this.

Slide by slide guide

An investor who did not invest in Cabify (Ian Noel at K Fund) published this deck in Spanish with his commentary on the deck. I’ve translated this into English to give you his views on the deck. I’m going to add some comments where he has flossed over.

There is usually little room for maneuver on the front page. Here the key is to have a good logo and a short name that is written and pronounced well on a global level. But I can think of three comments to improve this slide: a) the logo would have made it smaller b) would have included a phrase that already indicated where the business shots go, or a comment about the company of some means or “trusted source” “Similar c) include the logo of the VC that you are going but it gives a personalized touch.

Don’t bother wriring confidential on the cover. No one gives a shite.

This slide is key. The investor has to understand clearly what is the problem you want to solve. If you also add a fun touch, better (“Urban mobility sucks”). It is describing both the supply side and the demand side, and with a brief description of the most relevant aspects. Here is key not to spread too much, but to be concrete.

With this new slide, the structure of the problem is analyzed giving continuity to the previous one. The investor has to see that you are being objective, that it is a real problem, that it requires an immediate solution and that it affects a large market. Here perhaps the bullet of entry barriers would have described it a little more because of its importance in the future. It is important that the little text that you include in the slide is very clear, think that it is probably the first time that the investor analyzes this segment of the market. Do not be excessively technical, the important thing is that you understand the message.

Here they describe clearly how they are going to solve the problem. He is very intelligent as he mixes the advantages of being a multi-local player with a transparent prioritization of his future strategic decisions. Personally I really like this last part.

This slide mixes two product and traction things. Maybe I would not mix it in other cases. Normally I would leave a separate slide for traction with your unit economics.

In the first meeting, it is better to have a traction slide that is simple. I would add a table with the CAC, churn, payback and recurrence the buyers (with each model changes), simple but clear. The LTV the truth is that they tend to be pure foresight in seed, which does not add much value yet. Then you can extend the meeting and tell or show more info. To add graphics, please do not do it with accumulated data, but monthly.

In my opinion although the description description of the opportunity may sound repetitive, it is very successful. On the left you are breaking down the opportunity by country and by the relevant variables. On the right it describes the uniqueness of the Cabify offer and why it is a winner. Both points must be accompanied in this slide.

Here little more than saying that I would have loved to have invested in Cabify, although unfortunately it is part of my anti-portfolio 😉 In this slide I would have included some previous financing, it would have been useful for the investor. Below I comment on the team slide.

Do not have interstitial slides! Do not have an appendix.

This slide is not needed.

This slide is not needed.

I recommend that the team slide be included within the presentation core. First, you can describe the problem and the solution, and then the team slide is shown. The important thing is to reflect that the team is blended, have clear functions and is complementary. Besides, the ideal is to see that it has some type of advantage: greater experience, greater network, etc.

Below is the rest of the Annex.

You do not need to list everyone on the team. You just need to core the team the investors are investing in.

Formatting is gross. There are too many points. If the content was smarter it would fit on a slide. Really… they need to talk about embezzlement? Truly bizzarre.

Never ply a slide with this much content. It’s an essay on a slide Don’t do it.

Why are the headers so fricking large??? This is bizzare.

There is no proper header to explain the slide. The comments are lame.

What’s with these detail boxes in the top?

The images should be side by side.

It’s a lazy design of a slide, and the comments are lame.

Waste of a slide. Tell me the three things to remember.


What do you think about the deck?



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