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Crew Pitch Deck Series-A Startup

This is Crew pitch deck to raise their Series-A stage investment round. It is very simple but well put together. A slightly more colourful deck than one might expect from Apple.

It is longer in the number of slides that one might expect, but there is little concentration of information. The recommendation to have less than 20 slides is more related to the amount of time it takes to consume information. Since Crew only make one point a slide (or every few) the length isn’t really an issue.

As one might reasonably expect, being a series-a deck, there are actual numbers and historicals in here. Rather than pasting an ugly excel output, what the management as being important are graphically portrayed across various slides.

About Crew

Crew (formerly Ooomf) is the world’s first marketplace where handpicked, talented mobile & web creators connect with and work on projects they love. On Crew, you’ll find the best freelance design and development talent out there, ready to start working today. Our highly trusted network of independent creatives have worked on products used by tens of millions of people for some of the industry’s biggest companies, including Apple, Google, Uber, IDEO, and Dropbox.

They have raised $12.03M in 3 Rounds from 15 Investors.

Approach to the pitch deck

Here are the main elements that Crew considered including in their investor presentation:

  • Introduction — Who are you? What is your company name?
  • Opportunity/Problem — What problem are you solving and/or what’s the opportunity you’re after?
  • Solution — How are you solving the problem?
  • Team — Who are the key members on your team?
  • Traction — How fast are you growing over what period of time?
  • Vision — Where are you going to be five years from now?
  • Product — How does your product work?
  • Market — What does this market look like? Is it growing?
  • Business Model — How do you make money?
  • Customer Acquisition — How do you plan to grow?

Here’s the first sketch of Crew’s investor presentation focused around getting to the opportunity slide within the first few minutes. The structure would evolve, but they laid down an overview of their presentation to make it easier to understand the pieces they had to play with before getting into the details of each slide. This is great advice!

Here’s their slide in the first rough version of their Keynote presentation:

Rough version of our opportunity slide

They believed the story was now at a point where it would be ready to share with potential investors so they polished the slides for presentation. Here’s the polished version of our deck focused on the opportunity slide which they called “The Shift”:

Polished version of our opportunity slide

Read more here:



Crew pitch deck


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