The daily hundred pitch deck

Daily Hundred Pitch Deck to raise seed investment

This is the Daily Hundred pitch deck to raise their seed round from investors.

Crunchbase is not always reliable. Judging by what the decks say they wanted to raise, and what’s stored, these numbers are probably not right:

Date Amount / Round Valuation Lead Investor Investors
Sep, 2013 $500k / Series A $3M 2
May, 2013 $250k / Seed 1
Sep, 2012 $300k / Debt Financing $175k 3

About The Daily Hundredpitch deck

The Daily Hundred’s mission is to change the DNA of modern day marketing tactics and platforms by giving customers a powerful voice.
The Daily Hundred is incentivizing consumer behavior by giving away $100 cash everyday, along with other incredible prizes, to users who take and share the best photos! Everyday people are taking pictures of various products and sharing this content on Facebook and Twitter without getting anything in return. They believe that this behavior is incredibly valuable and thus it deserves a real reward. For decades, businesses have paid actors, athletes and other celebrities’ significant amounts to endorse their products. Every time you take a photo of your new pair of shoes and share that with all of your friends you are endorsing a brand just like the celebrity endorser. However, unlike those celebrities, you get $0 even if your action is responsible for creating a sale. The Daily Hundred is changing this system and helping you get awesome rewards for your brand advocacy and product endorsements.
Our platform allows businesses to connect with and reward loyal customers via real-time, location specific photo contests, which are optimized for mobile devices. They are changing the DNA of modern day marketing by encouraging micro-level brand advocacy and product endorsements from everyday consumers who get awesome rewards in return. Our versatile platform is also available for enterprise clients who want the consumer engagement, but also the desire for exclusivity and the ability to add custom elements to their app.

The Daily Hundred Pitch Decks

Seed pitch deck

Series A pitch deck

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