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Deutsche Bank Investment Banking Presentation Examples

Tl;dr: 3 examples of presentations prepared by Deutsche Bank for their clients in real transactions. Learn how investment bankers do their job by seeing real examples of the PowerPoints they create.

Legal notice for banks: Information is publicly sourced in EDGAR through SC 13E3 and protected by Securities Exchange Act, 17 U.S.C. ยง 78ll (1) (D).

This is part of a collection of 67 free M&A presentations from the top 20 banks (based on ranking, and also the quality of presentation for you to learn from).

Why the heck should you care? Investment banks (historically) attracted the best and the brightest.

  • Slide structure/design: Learn how complicated concepts are structured and designed in PowerPoint
  • Analysis approach: See exactly how complex financial methods are presented
  • Strategy and communication: M&A deals are not (normally, other than many Duff and Phelps decks) cookie cutter. There’s a host of topics that need to be dealt with
  • Morbid interest: I used to do this for a living, but it’s still interesting to see how PPT are made… but then maybe it’s just me and so FML ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who this will help:

  • You want to work in banking: There’s a lot of applicants. Knowing the job helps you answer questions
  • You work in banking: Even if you’re an MD, you need to know how the best are structuring their thoughts/analysis
  • You write presentations: You can’t buy learnings like this. You can learn from the slides
  • You have a curious mind: Good for you

About Deutsche Bank

They are a tier-2 bulge bracket firm with a lot of uncertainty due to restructuring. It’s like the Cornell of the Ivy League. Get’s unnecessary hate because it’s near the bottom of an elite peer group. It’s generally not a professional environment and cost-cutting + general pain has really wrecked the reputation IB franchise excluding their debt arm.

Investment Banking Presentation Examples (PDF)

Amtrust Financial Services, Inc

14 - IBD presentation - 2018 - Amtrust Financial Services, Inc - Deutsche Bank

Affinity Gaming

15 - IBD presentation - 2016 - Affinity Gaming - Deutsche Bank

Dole Food Co Inc

16 - IBD presentation - 2013 - Dole Food Co Inc - Deutsche Bank

All the Slides (Images)

If you don’t want to flick through the PDF, you can scroll through images from the investment banking presentations.

Amtrust Financial Services, Inc

Affinity Gaming

Dole Food Co Inc


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