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Hampton Creek pitch deck to raise series-b capital investment

This is the Hampton Creek pitch deck used to raise $23m series-B.pitch deck

Hampton Creek was founded in 2011 and have raised $220m to date, the last round being series-D.

It was founded by Josh Tetrick. Prior to founding Hampton Creek, he was working for the U.N. in Africa. He was talking up friends about ideas for startup and ended up talking about the egg industry and they landed on the idea of using plants to replace eggs.

After some time he found some chefs to make a proof of concept and raised a seed round of funding. He used this to start hiring biochemists and food scientists and 18 months later he had figured out how to make mayo and cookie dough… without the need for eggs.

At Hampton Creek’s core, it’s a technology company that is exploring a better way to make food.

Peculiar in the pitch deck is the number of videos. There is very little text on the deck, so this adds the color.

Also, the team slide looks terrible, but it illustrates how many high-paid people quit their job to join the mission.


Hampton Creek Inc, is a food technology company specializing in the development of plant-based egg ingredients. Our product enables the world’s largest (and smallest) food companies to reduce costs, attract more customers, and embed sustainable innovation into their supply chains. Products that use Beyond Eggs look, taste and feel the same as if they contained eggs. The only difference? You save money, attract more customers, and embed sustainability deeper into your supply chain.

Funding rounds

Hampton Creek Pitch deck























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