HQQA015 Why do you want to raise from us, specifically?

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What they mean

Investors want to feel special and that there is a reason why you want to raise from them and no other people. It’s quite like dating that way. “You have legs is a bad response” as is “because I hear you write checks easily!”pitch deck

The best answer is of course not about the money; it’s the quality of the partners, the brand reputation of the firm, the fact they do follow-on investments and all the value add that they offer. You need to be specific for each firm that asks this needy question, but you can tell them the same sweet nothings ?

What you need to say

Khaki Capital is the leader in SaaS. You guys have done some fantastic deals from Slack to Box and Asana. The best founders choose you. You yourself, David, write the most fantastic blog and we have been following it for the past few years.

Our metrics dashboard is based on your template.

Of course, we want to raise from Khaki Capital, but the reality is we take money from a specific partner and you are the partner that we want the most!


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