Kibin pitch deck

Kibin pitch deck to raise seed capital investment

This is the pitch deck to raise $545k seed capital investment from 500 Startups. They were founded on March 29, 2011.pitch deck

The deck is not that pretty at all, but they got funded anyway.

About Kibin

Kibin is modernizing the campus writing center by providing digital tools and services to help students write better essays and become better writers.

Kibin is an editing community that allows you to uplod a piece of writing and get it edited and proofread for free in a matter of 24 hours.

The way Kibin works is that users can accumulate points for editing other people’s work, and use those points to get their own work edited. If you don’t have the time to edit other people’s work, or just suck at it you can pay 50 cents for a Kibin credit (founder Travis Biziorek says that credits average out to one cent a word, so that a 1,000 word essay costs around $10 with the option to pay more if you need a faster turnaround) and use those credits to buy editing time.


Editing Community Kibin Helps You Proofread Your Writing Fast And For Free

Kibin Pitch deck

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