Mandae pitch deck

Mandae pitch deck to raise seed stage investment

This is the Mandae pitch deck to raise their $200k seed round.

About Mandae

Mandae is a a São Paulo, Brazil-based logistics startup which raised in March-2014. They raised from Kima Ventures (Great guys, well Vincent Jacobs for sure), Hans Hickler (the ex-pitch deckCEO of DHL Express USA) and other angel investors. They ship stuff. They aren’t the first to come up with the idea, but the world is a big place. With this deck they were able to raise $200k. Now these guys are based in Brazil, being in an emerging market, raising $$ is not all that easy. It’s not a bad deck and they have shared their numbers/forecasts (which isn’t typical).

They mentioned this, which I encourage other founders to replicate in kind:

It’s far from perfect, but we decided to share this so that other entrepreneurs (especially Brazilian ones) can have another useful reference. Please feel free to download and share!


Date Amount / Round Valuation Lead Investor Investors
Mar, 2016 $2.5M / Series A 3
Aug, 2015 $1.53M / Series A 1
Mar, 2014 $200k / Seed 1


Mandae Pitch deck

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