Mattermark pitch deck

Mattermark series a pitch deck

This is the Mattermark series a pitch deck.
Danielle Morrill from Mattermark did a decent job on their VC pitch deck. Here are two versions of their Series-A deck so you can see how it changed. It is well worth reading the Medium article below about the story behind their raise.

About Mattermark series a pitch deck

Mattermark is where big data and machine learning bring science to the art of dealmaking.series a pitch deck

Our groundbreaking analytics are helping thousands of professionals research, prospect, track, qualify and benchmark signals of growth and news coverage for more than 1,000,000 private and public technology companies from around the world.

Our paying customers including venture capital firms, angel


Seed round

Read this! Blog article on her deck

Mattermark series a pitch deck

Original version

series a pitch deck

Revised pitch deck version

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