Mosaic pitch deck to raise $14.3m Series-A round

This is the Mosaic pitch deck to raise a $14.3m series-a round in 2020.


Mosaic Building is a technology-focused construction company intended to make the construction process more efficient. The company provides high-quality construction services to homebuilders, using the power of computer science to build more efficiently. They develop tools and technologies to make the construction process much more efficient so that beautiful environments can be made available to many more people.

Mosaic Building services utilize a programming language to automate the construction process so that environments can be made available to many more people. The company’s aim is to build homes and communities that honor the unique purpose of each human being while helping residents feel a deep sense of connection and belonging — a feeling of being at home in the world.

Construction tech startup Mosaic, which looks to make building homes cheaper and more efficient, has raised a $14.25 million Series A round led by Silicon Valley heavyweights Andreessen Horowitz, it announced Wednesday.

The company is also expanding its partnership with Arizona builder Mandalay Homes to build 400 homes over the next two years. Mosaic and Mandalay have built almost 70 homes together in Arizona since 2018.

The company creates software that analyzes a home’s building plans and then breaks them down into concrete steps for each individual worker and trade that works on the home. It aims to reduce costly, time-consuming mistakes in the field, and to reduce waste of materials like lumber, while also allowing Mosaic’s software to continue to analyze the building process, applying computer learning to the physical world.

CEO Salman Ahmad told Business Insider that the company is a combination of his family history with construction —Ahmad’s dad is a contractor — and his academic interest in software and its application to the real world. While studying for a computer science masters at Stanford and a PhD at MIT, he noticed a crucial similarity between computer science and construction.

“At the end of the day, both of them are orchestrating a process that relies on physical hardware components,” Ahmad told Business Insider.

Where construction sites use tools from hammers to bulldozers, computers use chips and hard drives. One crucial difference between the two: computers can create huge productivity boosts because of their ability to continue iterating on previous software, while construction of individual, non-modular or repeated buildings is almost impossible to iterate on.

This may explain help explain why construction productivity has remained flat over the last 50 years while computers have revolutionized so many other industries. Mosaic’s software hopes to bring computer-science like iteration to the construction process, making the process of construction itself both cheaper and faster.

The company’s long-term goal is to become a tech service that home builders can use to streamline their processes without changing the underlying basics of how homes are built, but right now, Mosaic has its own employees building homes on the ground. Ahmad said that their on-site team acts as the firm’s research and development arm, testing out the efficacy of its software and new features in development. As demand grows, the on-site team will remain, but the company will mostly scale by selling its software to more builders.

Unlike other construction tech companies, which are more focused on solving individual issues with financing or material sourcing, Mosaic is trying to actually make the process of building an individual home, on-site, more efficient.

Mosaic, launched in 2015, has now raised $24.7 million. Previous investors include Founders Fund, Thrive Capital, Michael Milstein of Milstein Properties, Greylock Partners, and Eric Wu, the CEO of OpenDoor, among others.

Marc Andreessen, general partner at a16z and founder of the similarly named Mosaic browser, wrote an essay in June of this year, “It’s Time to Build,” that now seems to have previewed his firm’s investment. The essay blamed America’s comparatively bad coronavirus response on its inability to build and produce things within the country. He highlighted housing and education as two main areas of focus.

Funding rounds

Announced Date
Transaction Name Number of Investors Money Raised Lead Investors
Aug 26, 2021 Series B – Mosaic $44.1M
Sep 2, 2020 Series A – Mosaic 9 $14.3M
Andreessen Horowitz
Mar 24, 2020 Venture Round – Mosaic $23M
Oct 16, 2017 Pre Seed Round – Mosaic 1

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