Navina pitch deck to raise $7m Seed round

This is the Navina pitch deck to raise a $7m seed round in 2020.


Navina develops an AI-driven platform that restructures patient data into intuitive patient portraits for better diagnoses and care.

Navina was born with the vision to create a new world where the time-consuming chaos of patient data is replaced by a logical actionable platform that makes it possible for every physician to assess even the most complex cases in minutes. Its technology creates a new era of simplicity by restructuring disorganized data into an intelligible patient portrait, intuitively organized for sophisticated and empathetic patient care. We use AI and machine learning to make sure that what’s most important is immediately clear, diagnostically linked, and contextually surfaced, so physicians can have the entirety of each patient’s data. The result: optimum patient wellness and enhanced financial performance for providers and payers.

Navina is a partner of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Innovation Lab.

Navina, an AI-focused healthcare startup, just raised $7 million in a seed funding round backed by Grove Ventures.

Founded in 2018 by Ronen Lavi and Shay Perera, Navina uses artificial intelligence to sift through patient data and provide doctors with a “Patient Portrait”.

Navina says its service provides a timely solution in the post-COVID world, where a tsunami of delayed medical appointments threatens to overwhelm national health systems.

“We recognize the role that primary care plays as a bottom-up catalyst for transforming the US healthcare system,” said Lavi. “We’re creating a new world of simplicity, so that every physician in the US, starting with primary care, can spend time with their patients, not their data.”

Funding rounds

Announced Date
Transaction Name Number of Investors Money Raised Lead Investors
Oct 13, 2020 Seed Round – Navina 1 $7M Grove Ventures

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Navina Pitch Deck

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