pixeom pitch deck

Pixeom pitch deck to raise $15m series-a

This is the Pixeom pitch deck to raise their series-a round in 2019. Pixeom is the market leading software-defined edge computing platform.


Pixeom’s platform recreates and orchestrates cloud functionality on-premise, making it easy to deploy and manage large-scale, geographically distributed infrastructure and workloads. It is an enterprise-ready technology that meets the stringent requirements of our dozens of Fortune 500 customers and because Pixeom is agnostic, we can deploy edge infrastructure that runs on any hardware, any operating system, and connects to any cloud.

Pixeom addresses one of the most challenging issues facing today’s enterprises – distributed edge deployment at scale. IT Admins can’t be sent out to thousands or millions of locations in a cost effective and timely manner. Only software and automation can address this problem, and we’ve done it in a way that makes the migration from cloud to edge completely seamless.

With Pixeom, your existing cloud-native application doesn’t need to be re-architected for it to run on the edge. Once deployed, we offer a growing number of “edge versions” of popular cloud services such as machine learning or stream processing that have been recreated to match the APIs on-premise.

Funding rounds

They raised this $15m series-a round.

Pitch deck


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