Scalapay pitch deck to raise $48m Seed round

This is the Scalapay pitch deck to raise a $48m seed round in 2021.


Scalapay is a credit payment method that allows users to purchase and pay it in three installments of the same amount without interest. The company’s online-store partners increase sales and the average value of orders when customers pay with Scalapay. It was founded in 2019 by Simone Mancini and Johnny Mitrevski.

Buy now pay later is one of the fastest growing sectors in fintech and its surge shows little sign of abating.

Last year was a record year for funding in the sector, with $1.5 billion raised globally according to CB Insights. Now 2021 is kicking off with a chunky $48 million seed funding round for Italy’s Scalapay.

Like other buy now pay later providers, online shoppers can pick Scalapay as an option at checkout on e-commerce sites. Users set up an account and then pay through a debit card, Amex, or bank account. Customers are informed of the repayment window and installments are automatically debited on the due dates.

The concept is simple but increasingly popular. By 2025, buy now pay later volumes in Europe are predicted to hit $357 billion, constituting nearly half of the entire global estimate, and 30% of all estimated e-commerce spend, according to research by Kaleido Intelligence.

“The popularity of buy now pay later really shocked us and that demand really led to us gaining more momentum,” Simone Mancini, Scalapay cofounder told Insider. Scalapay’s founding team saw the early successes of buy now pay later in their native Australia and have transplanted operations to Italy. Further expansion into France and Germany is next on the agenda.

“The pandemic accelerated things. We saw players across other geographies and knew the scale was impressive and they were growing quickly,” Scalapay’s other cofounder Johnny Mitrevski said. “In Italy, traction was good because merchants had to digitize and needed to differentiate due to Covid.”

Scalapay also benefited from in-store products when shops reopened. Merchants can set up on the platform within five working days with the average fee coming in at around 4.2% of the order price.The funding round began during the inception of the pandemic in Europe but was paused until the summer. “When investors saw our strong traction and growth, things accelerated,” Mancini added. The deal closed at the end of November with the $48 million round led by Fasanara Capital, Baleen Capital, and Ithaca Capital.

Funding rounds

Announced Date
Transaction Name Number of Investors Money Raised Lead Investors
Sep 9, 2021 Series A – Scalapay 5 $155M
Tiger Global Management
Jan 28, 2021 Seed Round – Scalapay 4 €40M
Fasanara Capital

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Scalapay Pitch Deck

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