Shift pitch deck

Shift pitch deck to raise series-B capital investment

This is the Shift pitch deck used to raise a $24m series-A round (That’s huge btw). In total, they have raised $112m, with the last round being $38.4m series-C led by BMW i Ventures.

This automotive marketplace was founded in 2013 by pitch deckChristian Ohler, George Arison, Minnie Ingersoll and Morgan Knutson.

About Shift

Shift is an online platform that enables its users to find, compare, and purchase or sell cars. Acting as a personal concierge service, the company details cars, lists them on multiple lists, handles test drives, and finds intent buyers. Charging a fee for registration, car prep services, and sales tax, Shift provides customers with a 200-point concierge report that includes specs, high-resolution photos, vehicle history, and results on their cars before purchase.

Shift has provided a platform to get a price estimate for the car you want to sell, getting that car completely inspected by a Shift mechanic, and then selling it; or, on the other side, finding a car you want to buy, and getting that car delivered to you for a test drive; with Shift handling the paperwork and potentially financing for the whole process.

Despite the huge raises, things haven’t been going perfect as of late. in 2017, Shift laid off 10% of all its staff or 25 people, and it has also temporarily “paused” operations in the Washington, DC. Part of the layoffs are due to a shift to an inside sales model.

The same year, their main competitor Beepi shut down.

“Beepi’s model was actually the model that I first came up with in 2012,” Arison said. “But after that I spent a year learning about the auto market, and realized that if you do not have a local business model, you cannot be successful (because people do not buy cars nationally). We then refined our vision for Shift (before launching the company) to be much more local (with test drive delivery), which had little in common with our old model or Beepi’s model. It took Beepi $150M and three years to figure this out… Their business model was fundamentally different than ours and simply not working (as we figured out before we spent any capital).”

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Funding rounds and investors

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Shift pitch deck

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