Thrive global pitch deck

Thrive Global Series A Startup Pitch Deck

Here’s the slide deck the Thrive Global team used to raise its $7 million Series A round in 2016. In this A round the Thrive Global team managed to raise from Lerer Hippeau Ventures, pitch deckJack Ma’s venture fund Blue Pool Capital, Greycroft Partners, Bridgewater founder and CEO Ray Dalio, and tech entrepreneur Sean Parker, among others.

They needed a lot of deep-pocketed people to fill the round, just saying.

This is a great example of a terrible pitch deck. Frankly, only a self-indulgent celebrity of the Arianna Huffington variety can pull this off. Do not presume to replicate.

Lessons on what you shouldn’t do, from a brief read:

  • Use a glamour shot of you on the first page
  • Use an insane amount of text. Only a vapid investor who wants to be cool by association will bother to pretend to read it
  • Use template PowerPoint boxes as formatting
  • Use a glamour shot of you on any further computer/phone graphic, and every single additional graphic. Sure, you may want to sell a branding angle but… you get it
  • Use 10% of your deck to list your buddies to show you are connected

Thrive Global pitch deck



















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