Waypoint pitch deck

WayPoint Seed Stage Startup Pitch Deck

This is the WayPoint pitch deck to raise seed capital from investors. They were founded in March, 2010.pitch deck

Not all the information is in it- some has been redacted. But the key flow and structure are there for you to understand.

I reached out to the founders to get more information, but nothing.

About Waypoint

The Waypoint was a mobile application that enables individuals to search, book, and pay for boating slips online. The application utilized a technology platform that allows boaters to book empty slips in real time, gain access to books and electronics, and rent out their space to other boaters. Its partners included BMF, TYHA, TransEurope Marinas, IWA, and Towergate Mardon.

In the words of a cofounder, James Steward:

The strategy must be two fold, acquiring Enterprise clients (Marinas) and Private slip owners (p2p), plus retail to Boat Owners.

In addition, we have multiple partnerships with accounting and inventory control systems (Trade name Marina Management Software or MMS), that allows us hyper real inventory availability.

Our retail API allows us to take bookings through our App and through multiple re-seller portals, allowing motivated parties to build their own apps on our API.

The basic model is no cost to sign up for enterprise or boat owners, with a 15% transaction fee per booking. The app has a wealth of data, including augmented reality navigation, weather, tides, knots, lights,as well as booking, with a no ‘display advertising’ version for just $7.99. Marinas can also pay to be featured on the App.

Waypoint pitch deck

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