Wunsch brautkleid pitch deck

Wunsch Brautkleid Pitch Deck Seed Stage Startup

This is the seed-stageWunsch-Brautkleid pitch deck for a bridal startup in Germany. It was founded by and posted on the blog by my friend Fabian Westerheid (If you can read German, pitch deckhis blog is quite good!).

They were a “Leading website in Germany to discover, find, buy and even sell wedding dresses. Private people can sell their dresses, while going to be brides can browse trough 120 collections of designer to find their dream dress.”

Fabian worked at Berlin based VC Team Europe, so knows a thing or two about writing decks. He invests in AI companies now. There are some good stylistic things to pick up from here. Have a read.

He raised $203.28k from Angels on August 26, 2013.

Wunsch-Brautkleid pitch deck

Since you don’t read German, I’m using Google Translate so you can read Fabian’s commentary.

Note he said that “Both pitchdecks are censored, so I do not give out any critical data. I hope it helps anyway to get an impression of how something like that can look like.”

You want to generate attention

Now, however, to the actual content. The goal of your deck (I call it a pitch deck = investor presentation documentation) is that you want to generate attention. At the end of the 10 to 15 slides, the investor may think, “Interesting, I’d like to know more here.” You do not have to answer all the questions. Ideally, the investor will ask a few questions. Therefore, it is a mix of all the relevant information (the convincing) and the omission of data (so that the investor asks questions).

To comply with formalities is a minimum requirement

For the creation I use Keynote. Powerpoint certainly goes, but you can see that immediately. Likewise, it is important that you send a PDF and the file should not be larger than 5 to 7 MB. Please do not create videos, super animated presentations and please do not send the investor any Word document. It should always be a PDF, otherwise, it can not be read on the phone.

The length is free. I like it when there are not more than 15 slides. This should also be enough to present the idea.

The design is an absolute matter of taste. For comparison, I uploaded 2 presentations to you at the bottom. One is a rather classic presentation with lots of information. The other is more of a teaser. You will already recognize the differences. Adapt the design to your company colors. Some character has never hurt. And please think of little things like page numbers and enough pictures. Most bad presentations consisted of dozens of pages of text without a graphic or explanatory drawing.

Market, Product, Team, Traction

The structure may vary according to philosophy. Some tell a story with their presentation. I prefer the following 4 points:

  • market
  • product
  • team
  • Traction

These are the 4 things I check with every business plan. Everything else is important, but can also be conveyed after the investor shows interest.

The following slides were created between 2012 and 2014. Therefore different designs as there were always different decks.

The market should be bigger than a billion

There are countless ways to represent the market. Here is just important to answer: How big is the absolute market and how big is the relevant market? For us, this means that the wedding market (absolutely) over € 10 billion every year in Germany. And worldwide there are more than 300 billion €. However, the relative market (just bridal gowns) has about 200 million sales potential.

Do your homework and find out how big the market is and prove it. Convince the investor that you understand the market and can accurately assess which part you want to address. Note that it is easier to become number 1 in a smaller sub-market, so immediately the number 1 in the market.

A rule of thumb among investors is that the market should have at least € 1 billion in annual sales potential. Everything else could be too small, even if there are profitable business models (eg wedding invitation cards or cats scratching postcards).

Please show me your product

Next, describe your product. If it’s an app, then a few screenshots. If it’s a website, then photos of the website. Please, please, please show me your product. You do not know how many founders create an investment fund without knowing what it’s all about in the end. Do not assume that the investor was on your website. Explain it idiot-proof, as if the reader were your grandmother.

Traction Traction Traction

Under Traction, I understand the first figures. No matter what numbers, the main thing is you show something. The more numbers you deliver, the more insecurity you take. Note that the investor is just looking for evidence of why you’re right. So prove that you are right (with your vision). Depending on the business model, the numbers can vary. At eCommerce, it’s sales, CAC, shopping cart and CPO. For apps, it’s downloads, CPL, and MAU. For SaaS it is MRR and CAC. There are hundreds of numbers you can show.

In the end, you invest in your team

Finally, your team will come. Please do not forget this. Here you sell as best as possible. After all, you want to make the investor feel that you know what you are doing. That you can entrust money to you. And that you have the ambition and the passion to overcome all obstacles with your new baby.

Another version of the Wunsch-Brautkleid pitch deck

Wunsch-Brautkleid teaser

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