Yomp pitch deck

Yomp pitch deck to raise seed investment

This is the pitch deck Yomp (Previously called PleaseCycle) used to raise their $315k seed capital from investors. They were acquired by Reward Gateway on March 8, 2016. Yomp is B2B pitch deckEmployee-engagement platform to improve Health and Wellbeing.

Reward Gateway is a £150 million revenue SaaS business employing 300 people in six countries. Clients include IBM, American Express, Diageo, Heineken, McDonald’s, Bloomberg, Unilever, DHL, Bayer, AT&T, Yahoo, AOL and Groupon.


Yomp provides a Health & Wellbeing platform proven to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost employee engagement. Their software allows companies, local authorities and schools to understand, encourage and reward healthy behaviours.

Primary provision is an online, client-branded portal which allows employees/ residents/students to learn about Health & Wellbeing, form teams, set goals and, most importantly, log their efforts through the site and a GPS mobile app (iOS and Android). Doing so allows both the individual and company to track stats derived from that behaviour. It also permits organisational leaderboards (teams, departments, offices) fostering friendly competition and allows the client (and external brands) to reward this behaviour.

Users accrue “Yomps” – akin to an Air Miles for being healthy – which can be redeemed for discounts at high-street retailers, online stores, and even donations to charity.

Their main revenue-stream is an annual SAAS licence fee paid by the Corporate / Local Authority. Additional revenue streams are advertising / brand partner fees (CPA / CPC); content sponsorship; and affiliate links / sales – all of which have a positive correlation with user-base.

Competitors to Yomp include the incumbent in the space, Global Corporate Challenge, Keas (ex-Google founders with huge growth), EveryMove, GetHealth, Maxwell Health (bigger remit but similar budgets) and Challenge for Change / Love2Ride.


Employee health startup Yomp is acquired by Reward Gateway

Yomp, An App To Get Employees Fit And Healthy, Raises An Angel Round

Yomp Pitch deck


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