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AA 021: How do I get introductions to investors?

Welcome to the 21st podcast of the Ask Alex show! Today the question is “How do I get introductions to investors?

In this podcast, we answer a something every founder of a startup is wondering on their path to getting funded. This is the longest podcast to date and we deal with:

  • Do I need introductions to investors?pitch deck
  • Aren’t there exceptions?
  • Never to use website application forms
  • VCs want investible deals not dealflow
  • What’s the real reason I need introductions to investors?
  • Who are the best people to get introductions from?
  • Does it always matter how close the relationship is to get an introduction?
  • How borrowed credibility is how introductions to investors work
  • What determines a good relationship with investors?
  • Why you shouldn’t accept any offer to make an introduction!
  • What are the sources of introductions to investors?
  • Is one introduction to an investor enough?
  • How do I find people to make an introduction?
  • How do I ask for the introductions to the investor? The full process in detail

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I’ve written a monster blog for you to read here. There is some additional content to the podcast.

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