Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Tl;dr: James Dalmore at Google writes a memo about reverse discrimination and differences between men and women and people lost their minds. He lost his job.

James Damore had to attend a Google diversity program and they asked for feedback. He wrote a memo on a flight to China. His view is the culture at Google is an “ideological echo chamber”, that while discrimination exists, it is extreme to ascribe all disparities to oppression, and it is authoritarian to try to correct disparities through reverse discrimination. Instead, the memo argues that male to female disparities can be partly explained by biological differences.

People lost their minds as they tend to do these days. In response to the memo, Google’s CEO planned an internal “town hall” meeting, fielding questions from employees on inclusivity. The meeting was canceled a short time before it was due to start, over safety concerns as “our Dory questions appeared externally this afternoon, and on some websites, Googlers are now being named personally”.

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber



You can read the rest of theĀ memo collection here.

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