Indiez pitch deck

Indiez pitch deck to raise seed capital investment

This is the Indiez pitch deck used to raise a $500k seed round.

A Bay Area- and Bengaluru-based startup, Indiez was founded in 2016 by Nitesh, Ishan Shrivastava, Archit Kejriwal, and Amrose Birani. All the founders were batchmates at IIT Bombay and had worked with startups and companies like, UpGrad, Ola, and Bay Area-based Tribal Technologies and SnapLogic before starting up.

“Only five percent of all applicants are invited to interview with us.”

It sounds like a copy of Crew.

About Indiez

At Indiez we believe that building successful products should be as simple as speaking to Iron Man’s Jarvis.

Over the years we have seen young startups disrupting the status quo and these trends are set to accelerate now. Look at how Tesla is more valuable than 50 years old Ford, how Airbnb is more valuable than Sheraton.

Imagine if you could build a successful product and disrupt one industry by just speaking to one person!

That’s what Indiez does, Indiez, a new way of building software projects by forming teams with top independent talent from great startups like Spotify, Airbnb, Uber and many others.

From product managers, to designers, to developers, and even growth hackers, we’ve got what startups need to build successful products.

Few of our clients have mentioned that few hours with a product leader have saved many man years!

If you want to build the next successful product, you should reach out to Indiez.

Indiez pitch deck

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