What does send me the deck mean?

Send me the deck. Share the deck with me.

Your potential investors just asked you this.

What is the investor talking about?

This is super duper simple. Don’t worry, there is no such thing as a dumb question.

What is a pitch deck?

A deck is short for ‘pitch deck.’

A pitch deck is a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation (Ideally converted into PDF) that describes the investment opportunity to invest in your startup.

A pitch deck is marketing material to get cash 😉 You ideally swipe lipstick over paper digitally and talk about your hopes and dreams, who is running the company, what the market is, what you have achieved and how you are going to make money.

If you want to know what a deck looks like check out the largest collection on the internet here.pitch deck

In return for cash (Investment) they typically take an equity stake (Or a debt position that can convert into equity through a convertible note).

The pitch deck is the first piece of material that you share with them. Yes. You will need to share additional information, but this just gets your foot in the door

Why do you need to send a deck?

There are a couple of reasons as to how you got to this situation and the investor has said “send me the deck”:

  • You spammed an investors email and they don’t know you from Adam so don’t want to waste time talking when they can look at your deck rapidly and filter you. Here is why investors want a deck before chatting
  • You got an intro and they are happy to talk to you, but actually want to understand more to decide if they should allocate time to you (investors are actually busy and you are not the only person emailing them)
  • Perhaps, they are just nice guys and want to give you feedback or make random intros for you (This is unlikely the case)

What will happen next?

So, you responded to “send me the deck” and just sent the investor your ‘deck’, you are wondering what the next step is?

Should you hound them with 50 emails to get them to respond?

Should you play it cool?

Look, if an investor is interested they are highly incentivised to get back to you. Their job is literally to invest in startups. But their normal job… is to say NO.

They say no 99.9/100. They are no machines.

If they are interested, they will come back.

Does that mean you should not follow up? No. Follow up.

But, understand that investors are super busy and they DO NOT care about you until they do.

Wait a week and send a follow up.

Wait another week and follow up again… and then give up.

If they miss three emails, they don’t fricking care. They might miss one email, they will not miss 3.

If an investor responds with a curt ‘this is not for us’… trust me, they are not interested.

They will only be interested AFTER your TechCrunch announcement that you raised a monster huge round and are ‘crushing it.’ Investors care about FOMO and bit winners. They are sheep (for the most part). If they hear Accel, Index, Bessemer etc are trying to get you… yes, they will suddenly be asking you for dinner. Otherwise… they don’t care.

You get one shot to make a great (or bad) impression.

If you want to know more about pitch decks, take the FREE pitch deck thinking course here. You will learn a lot. Did I mention it is free?

Any questions, sound out in the comments and I will respond to every single one.

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